This London tailor makes suits for the super rich with fabric that is infused with real diamonds

Opulence knows no bounds. And even though the fashion industry has a lion share of it, not much can match the extravagance of the Diamond Chip, which as the name suggests comes infused with micro snippets of the glittering stone into its fabric. Yes, that’s right!

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Known to shimmer discretely on wearing, the Diamond Chip was first designed by Belgian textile company Scabal in 2001. High-quality diamond is shredded to microscopic bits and infused within the fabric to create this mega-luxurious luxury item, however, the process behind it all is a closely guarded secret even today.

To create the Diamond Chip, artisans at Scabal blend super 150s merino wool with silk and powdered diamonds, with the result being a fabric that classy, chic, and charismatic to say the least. The luxurious textile is produced mainly in the company’s mills at Huddersfield, England, and is said to be purchased by only a select few across the globe.

Commenting on it, an anonymous tailor stated, “Just like some men want their top-of-the-range car to be customized, so we all have clients who ask us to show them only the most expensive cloths.” A bespoke two-piece suit made of this special material retailed at $8,600 back in 2011 and is expected to be even pricier today. Well, so much for a glittery dose of fashion!

[Via: Oddity Central]

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