This Mother’s day send your mother some Louis Vuitton love

For those who’ve lost track of time and day during the lockdown – here’s a reminder that Mother’s Day is approaching soon – to be precise on May 10. And while celebrating the occasion with Mama Bear over a dinner date may seem like a far reality, for now, we’ve got you covered! Presenting to you chic e-cards by Louis Vuitton that make a perfect gift for all the Super Moms across the globe!

With #WeLVMoms, the marquee has launched its first-ever customizable e-card service that will allow you to remind your mother that she is truly appreciated. The online e-card is complimentary and can be embellished with quirky LV-themed patches. Patrons are allowed to pick the “stationary” of their choice, write a personalized note, and even add decorations such as a monogrammed trunk full of flowers, a flaming candle, a Petite Malle handbag, or the iconic LV trunks and more!

The uber-chic e-cards can be created online and sent by email or simply printed out as hard copy. In addition to this, those willing to splurge can also check out Louis Vuitton’s special Mother’s Day essentials collection or the marquee’s chic perfume ensemble – ‘Les Parfums Louis Vuitton’ to send along a little package with the card. Time to put on our creative hats and gear up for Mother’s Day!

[Create your LV Mothers day card here – Via: Vogue]

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