This vault-themed shoe store in Thailand is your ultimate couture experience

Footwear unlike yesteryears, now comes with a definite sense of elegance and regality. It’s no wonder then, that a new brand or outlet for the same demands attention in the most unique of ways possible. Here to piggy back on our thoughts is 24 Kilates that recently opened a retail store in Bangkok, Thailand, with a theme so unique you may fail to believe it’s true!

In an endeavor to surprise guests and onlookers, the novel 24 Kilates store is styled like a plush unit of bank vaults – all done up in quintessential gold! Conceptualized by Barcelona-based External Reference Architects, the shop is the only one of its kind with a 38-sqmburnished coffer look. As part of the décor, the entire store in covered from floor to ceiling with safes and lockers that can be opened or left closed by customers. The plush ambience shouts out Alucobond in the most obvious way with a dramatic life-size opening wheel perched in the center wall for further effect.

The exclusive 24 Kilates store, that happens to be built as an extension to the owner’s house, also comes with a space where shoppers can try on the merchandise of their choice. Now you could easily purchase these shoes online, but why miss out on a movie- like experience in the parallel for free?


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