Thomas Pink Independent Shirt breaks all ‘ties’

Thomas Pink it is! Not only has the luxury shirt maker won the battle against the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret over the right to use the name Pink, it is reinforcing its position in the market with the launch of ‘The Independent’ shirt for men. Featuring the signature ‘Pink’ detailing at the hem and split yoke across the shoulders, the Independent shirt stands up to a blazer or any jacket without collapsing under its weight. The shirt is ideal for those who seldom wear neckties (or are one-dimensional when tying the knot) and has been designed in a way that the stiffness of the collar is maintained.

thomas-pink-independent-shirt-5The shirt has been fashioned with a semi cutaway collar to stand three millimeters deeper than the standard variations and more interlining to strengthen the collar. The given slim fit cut with contoured side panels is shaped to flatter while the slightly shorter length allows it to be worn without tucking. It was fabricated from two-fold, 100-thread-per-inch cotton for soft and silky touch.

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thomas-pink-independent-shirt-2“Men’s dress codes and personal style preferences have more variation than ever. As a result, a tie is not always a required accessory to formal dressing. Looking smart however, is a constant,” said Alyssa Mishcon, President for Thomas Pink North America. “The Independent offers a solution for customers who do not require a tie, but do have high sartorial standards.”

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thomas-pink-independent-shirt-1The Independent shirt is offered in a choice of poplin, twill and oxford weaves at Thomas Pink boutiques for $195.00.