Tiffany & Co. reveal a $10,000 bird’s nest

It’s hardly a surprise that All American jewelers Tiffany and Co. have a radically different idea of what “Everyday Objects” are compared to the average person. The evidence is in their new collection of home items which includes decided non-everyday items including bendy straws, a coffee can, an ice cream scoop and even a “paper” cup that are all made from Sterling silver. These are probably the most expensive knick-knacks you’ll ever buy.

The one eye catching item in the Everyday Objects collection is a bird’s nest made from –you guessed it- sterling silver wires that have been woven together to resemble a real nest. It contains three Tiffany blue porcelain eggs and is both utterly beautiful and totally unnecessary.

Priced at $10,000, this limited edition design was inspired by a 1969 engagement ad from the Tiffany Archives. The astronomical price tag is a result of there being only five such nests created.

[Available at:Tiffany]

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