Tom Ford introduces exotic ‘Green’ range of perfumes

While the 70’s charisma is being reminisced with culottes, palazzos and rugged denim jackets dominating the fashion runways, it was about time the perfume lying in your closet got a retro makeover too. Inspired by the smells of the era gone by, Designer Tom Ford recently introduced a new range of fragrances, each of which represent a unique blend of fresh green smells.

The collection called, ‘Les Extraits Vert’ presents four very distinct smells built on a fresh base of greens. While this aromatic crew of four is unisex, it can safely be combined into two categories- one for those who prefer subtle fragrances while the other for those who like them intense. Falling in the first category is the ‘Tom Ford Private Blend Vert de Fleur’ that instantly hits you with a fresh scent of iris, hyacinth and jasmine spliced with neroli, bergamot and basil along with the ‘Tom Ford Private Blend Vert Bohéme’ which is a heady concoction of magnolia, violet and slightly sweeter honeysuckle contrasted against woody oakmoss and grassyvetiver. This duo is a perfect match for the modern day metrosexuals who clearly don’t shy away from embracing their feminine sides. But for the those who don’t, the collection wouldn’t fail you either as the second category offers you the ‘Tom Ford Private Blend Vert des Bois’ which is an irresistible blend of woody and sweet tones with undernotes of plum, jasmine and the earthy tonka bean. The most innovative of the lot, this one incorporates flavors of a resin obtained from a Mediterranean shrub that smells similar to pine or cedar along with the freshness of unopened poplar buds. Lastly, the collection gives you the ‘Tom Ford Private Blend Vert d’Encens’ which an exclusive and unparalleled assortment of a smoky cardamom base and fresh summery hints of lavender, lemon and pine resin.

With each of these smells depicting a fresh story of their own, the collection leaves you spoilt for choice, making it impossible to pick one. However, when you free yourself from the dilemma of choice, you can head to any of the Tom ford stores worldwide from 29 August onwards and gift yourself one ( or all ) of these enticing Tom Ford aromas.

[ Via : Gq-Magazine ]

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