Tom James Company Personalized Pinstripe suits

Everybody likes to be appreciated and to be well known. In short, creating an identity for oneself is so important, but there are several manners in which one can deliver this function. Business strategies have now reached a phenomenal point through this intriguing new idea for your business suit-Putting your name in Pinstripes. The Tom James Company will offer the Tom James signature collection, which is a collection of Business suits compiled with the fabrics from Saville Row’s Holland and Sherry. It’s a smart way of setting an identity for yourself by personalizing your suit’s pinstripes using family member names, company mottos, or even in some instanced, logos. We should expect a new revolution in the Company uniforms and business apparel in early 2008.

The Tom James Signature collection will be available in January 2008 in the price range of $13,000-$25,000.