Tommy Hilfiger expands his Tommy Adaptive line for disabled adults and kids

Certain disabilities can make even seemingly everyday tasks like putting on clothes seem like an inconvenient chore, but Tommy Hilfiger is one of the designers addressing the unique issues faced by people with disabilities. The designer had first launched a line of clothing intended for people with disabilities last year and now he has expanded the range. As usual the clothes are stylish and fashion forward, but with the added convenience of being suitable for people who may use prosthetics or be wheelchair bound.

You’ll find familiar items like shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, and jackets in this special line which is called Tommy Adaptive, but with added tweaks like fastenings made of Velcro or magnetic buttons, bungee cord closures, adjustable waists and hems, one handed zippers and side seam openings.

On the models, the clothing does not look different from any other Tommy Hilfiger line, the red white and blue color scheme is as prominent as always. However, these clothes are easier to put on and take off for people with specific needs. The company incorporated the feedback that they received from disabled persons to their first collection to make this one bigger and better.

“Inclusivity and the democratization of fashion have always been at the core of my brand’s DNA,” Hilfiger said, “These collections continue to build on that vision, empowering differently abled adults to express themselves through fashion.”


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