Tommy Hilfiger launches clothing range for children with disabilities

Unexpected but true. Tommy Hilfiger becomes the first, in what will hopefully have a huge following, fashion designer to adapt their own collections for disabled children. Not his brainchild alone though, this is a collaboration with Mindy Scheier who founded Runway of Dreams that provides adaptive clothes for children. The collection features dresses altered with added features like magnet closures, adjustable waistbands and lengths and also alternate ways to get in and out. Mindy started Runway of Dreams three years ago, as a means to support children like her own little boy who has muscular dystrophy.

The 3 big name retailers in US – Target, Kohl’s and Wal Mart – have partnered with her for Runway of Dreams and she felt the time is now ripe to go mainstream with the big names in the fashion industry. The Tommy collection has 22 pieces of clothing – ranging between $ 18 and $43. Two more collections are on their way. Clothing line for men and women with disabilities are also in the pipeline. And soon, we hope, the rest of the fashion houses are going to sit up, take notice and act.

Ironical that Tommy Hilfiger is pioneering this in the fashion world when he has been most infamous for false rumours that he was racial. He deserves a round of applause and our whole hearted support for this initiative.

[ Via : Instyle ]

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