Treat your tresses to truffles and caviar!

Treat yourself to some caviar and truffles, for your hair that is. Sounds bizarre but if it gives you that gorgeous mane then I guess it’s worth it! Treating your tresses to truffles and caviar can give your dull hair shine like you thought only the stars could have and a big hole in your pocket as it will cost nothing less than $400; and you cribbed when your gal asked you to take her to the kinda plush restaurant. A place called Hari’s in London is quite a rage for its ‘Hairy tales’. They use fish eggs which are specially flown in all the way from Iran, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Your locks are first washed first with a truffle-based shampoo. Then caviar is piled on, combed in, and left to set. The fish eggs are pureed prior to use to eradicate the fishy odor. Catherine Zeta-Jones happens to be a big fan of this treatment.

Some people may go that extra mile to spend on their looks and may very well succeed in that but honestly, this particular hair treatment makes me sick! Yuck!