Trendy or Trashy? Moschino + My Little Pony Lunchbox printed leather shoulder bag

Moschino’s Jeremy Scott doesn’t take himself and fashion too seriously and his eye-brow raising collections certainly evidence this. From McDonald’s themes to Loony Tunes, Candy Crush, Super Mario and even Powerpuff Girls motifs, the designer is constantly borrowing from unexpected source to create quirky collections. This time, he drew inspiration from your favorite childhood cartoons My Little Pony.

The pastel colored cartoon ponies are splashed across clothing and accessories from the spring 2018 Moschino collection which clashes these childish motifs with studs, leather and chains for a kind of punk princess look. A standout piece from the runway show was this Lunchbox bag, which is exactly what the name suggests it is, a bag that looks identical to the plastic lunchbox you carried to elementary school.

This one however is made from leather and crafted in Italy. It bears the heavy price tag of $995. You may be tempted to buy this out of sheer nostalgia, but before you reach for that credit card ask yourself this: do you really want to be that person carrying around a designer $1000 My Little Pony bag?


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