Trent bra is world’s most expensive sports bra

The lacy and sexy designer bras usually overshadow the simple yet comfy sports bra. But with the advent of the Trent bra, the lacy bra’s are in for some stiff competition. Made by Kelly Dooley, the creator of BodyRock Sport, in collaboration with jewelry designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer, this Trent sports bra is truly one of a kind. The Trent Sports bra is part of the “Show ‘Em Off” collection and is priced at $1,850, making it the world’s most expensive sports bra. The BodyRock Sports bra in black spandex and gunmetal burnout fabric features a detachable sterling silver bracelet and necklace that is fastened. The black diamond Swarovski crystal neckline further enhances the bejeweled experience.

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Not compromising on comfort, the Trent sports bra features a slim pocket in the back and pewter distressed fabric on the sides of the bra to add ventilation. One look at the Trent Bra and you are sure to never under estimate the appeal of a sports bra ever again.

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