Twitter fans argue on Kylie Jenner’s ‘self-made’ billionaire tag bestowed upon by Forbes

Forbes may have crowned Kylie Jenner as the youngest self-made billionaire but Twitter fans have their doubts about the ‘self-made’ tag. The 21 year celebrity, whose net worth is estimated to touch a 10 figure sum, has her own cosmetics line labelled Kylie Cosmetics which has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the recent past.

Twitter fans argue that the fashion icon has appeared on the infamous Kardashian show since the young age of 13 and does have an advantage, given the Kardashian surname.

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In addition to her small screen appearances, Jenner has a bizarre 175 million following across social media platforms and yes, the model does acknowledge that. “It’s the power of social media,” Jenner told Forbes, “I had such a strong reach before I was able to start anything.”

For what it’s worth, Forbes noted that it uses “self-made” to describe anyone who didn’t inherit a business or fortune. “But the term is very broad,” the magazine acknowledges, “and does not adequately reflect how far some people have come and, relatively speaking, how much easier others have had it.”


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