UK Arabs show off their wealth with $100,000 diamond-encrusted shirts

Your old classic linen shirt may hold a special place in your heart, but it doesn’t reflect your penchant for frivolous luxury items quite the same way as Knightsbridge Shirts do. Priced between £25,000 ($40,755) – £75,000 ($1,22,260) per shirt, the couture shirts are meticulously handmade from the most premium cotton and enhanced with ethically sourced diamonds for buttons. While most shirts get worn out after sometime, the value of the Knightsbridge Shirt increases over time due to the appreciation of the previous stones in the button casings. Also, the shirts are serviceable annually.

The shirts are tailor made as per the client’s requirement and measurement by the finest shirt makers in London, and may take as long as six months to be created. Once every year on the anniversary of when the shirt was purchased, clients can get the shirt re-fit, re-set and re-polished. Sizes can be changed and replacement collars and cuffs are updated too.

The Knightsbridge Shirts are made from Millennium Star cotton that is the most precious fabric in the world. The Rolls Royce of cotton was originally made exclusively for the Saudi Royal family. Alternately, clients can get the shirt made from Loro PianaYarn, which is the finest cotton in the world. They can also choose from a range of white, light blue, light pink and cream color hues for the garment. Shirts can also be personalized with the client’s name embossed in gold to ensure exclusivity. The shirts are delivered in a mahogany box with a certificate of authenticity for the jewels, design and workmanship.

Founder of Knightsbridge Shirts, Sajid Sumra in an interview with a tabloid revealed that the shirts are becoming a best seller among the super rich Arabs in London. The brand had recently created a DH 950,000 (approx. $2,58,645) shirt for a wealthy Saudi entrepreneur with two-carat diamonds that were internally flawless. At present, only men’s shirts are available but a range of women’s blouses and shirts with precious stones is in pipeline and will be launched soon.

[Via – The-National]

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