Ukrainian designer Verlingieri Lesya launches Swarovski studded corsage

Fans of Sex and the City would know that Sarah Jessica Parker glittered when she wore that famous corsage. In fact, ever since she wore the corsage, it has been one of the hottest fashion trends across ramps in Paris, Dusseldorf, and elsewhere. Ukrainian designer Verlingieri Lesya has given the corsage a Swarovski makeover and is launched through a brand new label called Lever couture. The corsage is strapless and accentuates the back of the wearer elegantly and sensually.

The 41,000 Swarovski crystals which are embedded into the corsage almost look like tiny sparkling diamonds. At $10,000, it is one of the most expensive corsages ever to be designed. Once you get the Swarovski Corsage, why not try Swarovski studded lingerie or a Swarovski Wing Leather jacket? I am sure you would love them too. People will never get tired of bling, and that is perhaps why we continue to see these outlandish pieces of fashion.
Via: White Flash Diamonds

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