Use Yen as tissue

If you’re living in Japan and have already bought that fancy Ferrari, huge house with customized bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and study fittings, diamond-studded coffee mugs et al, here is something else to show off how filthy rich you are! Now available is a sack of 10,000 yen note napkins that will have people gawking when you wipe your sweat off your face or use it to clean that ketchup stain on your shirt at a restaurant. Just make sure you aren’t in some shady locality where people will try mugging you thinking you’re actually using the real thing.

Available for 6,800 yen ($67 USD), the texture of the napkin that is towel-like and becomes limp (when used too much) might give the napkin away. Nothing that a solid starch job can’t fix really! So, now that you have found the ideal way to show off in Japan and know the cost for the same, I’m off to find out what other ridiculous things are being invented for the indulgence of the rich and famous.