Versace Embellished Harness punks up the glamorous waist

Italian fashion designer, Donatella Versace launched her new Fall/Winter “Vunk” Collection, her version of ‘punk’ for the new generation 2013 women. As though punkin’ up its warrior princesses (2013 women) for a deadly fashion battle, Donatella’s new collection showcases apparel and accessories for the strong, sexy, brave, and full of energy DNA’ed customers. Boosting the trend, the notorious brand has included a glammed version of a harness – the Versace Embellished Harness! Spiked in Versace notoriety, the embellished harness is a shiny white rein elaborated with vibrant colored studs protruding in a pointy fashion along with numerous spikes and slick PVC in checkered patterns; quite the formula to turn heads (in admiration or otherwise!). An adornment for fashion slaves, the embellished Versace fashion accessory crosses over from resembling a deadly gear to wooing women keen to cross limits to make a bold fashion statement.

Estimated at $3,875 ($1,938 deposit), the Versace Embellished Harness’ estimated delivery is July 15, 2013 – October 20, 2013. The Versace trunk show ends on 8th March.


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