Versace for H&M debuts in the UK amidst serpentine queues of shoppers

The much hyped Versace for H & M collection finally played out in H & M stores across UK on November 17th. Desperate shoppers and bloggers alike lined outside the stores in anticipation, and from the looks of it they were not disappointed. The hysteria of this event saw mob like crowd and even the cops were on standby. Donatella Versace personally made appearance at the Regent Street branch. Wearing the flamboyant pink leather studded dress with matching black studded leather trench coat, she was seen signing autographs. The Versace hysteria did not spare the celebrities either. Word is that Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts and Blake Lively were all eagerly waiting for the collection. Demand for the Versace collection was so huge that the H & M website was down forcing shoppers to place orders over the phone.

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Many of the items from the collection were already listed on eBay for sale. So far the marketing strategy seemed to have worked wonders for both Versace and H & M with their stores in Dubai and Beijing selling their entire collection in under 30 minutes. In case you ran out of luck even after standing for long in the queue, then worry not, word is that Tom Ford is going to partner with the high street retailer. I personally am waiting to see how it plays out here in the United States today.

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