Victoria Beckham announces an online fashion store

Victoria Beckham has proved time and time again that she is not just a fashionista, she has made her mark on the fashion world as on of the foremost designers of the modern style scene. The fashion world like everything else today is going the route of technology and Victoria Beckham will not be left behind, Chopard and De Beers have already had success with e-commerce sites. She is overhauling her website and launching e-commerce site so that you will now be able to buy accessories, eyewear, denim and Victoria line. The new online fashion store has been designed and created by King & Partners and will be powered by the Sellect E- Commerce platform. Starting today a holding page will go up on the website that will ask consumers to sign up for brand updates.

The website will also contain a notification about when the digital store will go live in the U.S, U.K and Europe. Beckham’s partners Johnny Lu and Isaac Lock will be lending their art direction expertise to the website as well.

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