Virgin America unveils new uniforms designed by Banana Republic

The in-flight fashion has become a lot more minimalistic and simple compared to the in-flight wardrobe of the ’60s and ’70s that screamed high fashion from every element. Virgin America airlines has decided to bring the long-forgotten trend back to the platform by collaborating with the Banana Republic to launch the Limited-edition Travel Essentials collection. The new uniform line for women features 13 choices, including a classic pencil skirt, a modern zip cardigan with ribbing detail, lambskin leather jackets, modern trench coats, and silk charmeuse scarves. The men’s collection comprises nine different styles, including leather jackets, lined mac coats, woven shirts and pants, and striped sleeve sweaters. The accessories are obviously a must accompaniment, and so an in-flight apron with an aviator-inspired logo and a TSA check-point friendly in-flight tote bag had been created.

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It’s not just the employees who get to shine in the new clothing line, passengers and others alike can get a new look with the Limited Edition Travel Essentials collection inspired by the new uniforms, which will be available for purchase onboard Virgin America and at specific Banana Republic stores starting on August 7, 2012.

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