Voah – A belt buckle that features a 60 carat diamond

Roland Iten has struck again! The company that gave us the Calibre R822 Predator priced at a staggering $400,000 is back with their latest offering: the R60 Diablo. In the past the brand has ensured all eyes are all on their products by incorporating, high-end technology, precious metals and even gemstones. This time however, Roland Iten has exceeded all expectations by topping off their belt buckle with a giant 60.66-carat diamond.

A-belt-buckle-that-features-60-carat-diamond-2The enormous rock is a modified kite-shaped brilliant cut diamond that has been titled Diablo by Roland Iten. Hailing from Golconda, in India the stone features a rare orange-brown color and is arguably one of the largest diamonds in the world. Its unique shape also commands attention.

A-belt-buckle-that-features-60-carat-diamond-3The buckle itself consists of 109 separate components, made from 18-karat 5N rose gold, white gold and grade 5 titanium. As with all Roland Iten buckles, this one uses fine parts and techniques that are usually a part of Swiss watchmaking traditions. According to the brand, this technology ensures a long lasting product, they go so far as to say that it could last for “several lifetimes.” Interestingly, you can actually see a lot of the mechanism through the diamond on the front.

A-belt-buckle-that-features-60-carat-diamond-1The buckle took 8 months to create and will be auctioned off at Christies in Geneva.

[Via – Forbes]

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