What would VR glasses from Givenchy look like?

Fashion and lifestyle brands have long since discovered the utility of Virtual Reality technology; from Tommy Hilfiger who use VR headsets in their stores to Dior who use VR tech to provide the experience of being backstage at a runway show. While the fashion industry continues to develop new and creative ways to use this tech, one designer has taken on the responsibility of making VR headsets look super stylish.

Jaehyun Ha, of PDF Haus Studio imagined what VR glasses would look life if Givenchy created them and came up with a sleek and colorful design that allows users to choose between augmented and virtual reality options.

The VR lens can be lifted to use the device’s AR capabilities.

Users can adjust the focus of the lens in a similar way to a camera.

The studio also imagined what a print ad for these glasses would look like.

Let’s hope Givenchy senses an opportunity and makes this piece of artistic and technological imagination, a reality.


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