Walk the Runway and Still Pay Your Rent On Time

Couture fashion is usually the stuff of dreams, found only in shop windows, fashion magazines, and during once-in-a-lifetime special occasions, like a wedding. However, you may be more worried about rent or mortgage payments–and those pesky necessities like grocery shopping–than trying to carve out enough from your budget to acquire a look from the gorgeous fall runway line you read about last month. With the burgeoning business of renting luxury goods, however, it’s now possible to enter the pages of an otherworldly photo shoot of supermodels by investing in garments with an expiration date. Snag that designer frock or accessory that you may have circled in a magazine or bookmarked on the Internet as “inspiration” as you search for an affordable alternative. Trends and fashion move quickly–by the time it’s summer, designers are already presenting their winter collections. Why clog up your closet with looks you’d only wear for a night or a season? Renting gives you the ability to wear the dream without breaking the bank, and you don’t have to tell anyone where you managed to find that gorgeous evening dress they remember seeing in a couture photo.

Never Wear It Twice
Investing in a designer piece at a great cost is like committing to a spouse. Fashion that breaks the bank may be worth the price of physically having a precious item in your hands, but how many formal occasions will you have to wear your dream outfit before it becomes just another detail at events? The first time you wear carry that gorgeous bag, you couldn’t resist; people may ask you where you got it, maybe asking in a hushed voice how much it was. Although long-term investments are generally good practice, how many bags or garments do you really want to marry and wear for the rest of your life? The beauty of renting luxury is that you can try out as many looks as you want without later wishing you could file for divorce from those shoes that cost more than a month of living expenses.

Browse and Choose Without Stress
Going into a shop and attempting to find a garment that’s the right fit, style, and price for your needs requires much trying on and fuss. The shop attendant may bring you a dress in three sizes, yet it still doesn’t fit. You may opt for a different cut, only to find that the only available color looks terrible. Then, at long last, you find a frock you love, only to have your jaw drop at the price tag. Thankfully, online shopping has made scenarios like these a nightmare of the past. However, instead of settling on subpar quality to avoid exorbitant prices, there is always the option to rent a designer dress or another luxury item. According to HuffingtonPost.com, shoppers are able to scroll through scores of designers and reserve the perfect couture dress on websites that offer designer items on a short-term basis, at a fee that’s a fraction of the purchase price. The company will even send several sizes to ensure a perfect fit for the rental period in many cases. And don’t bother worrying about dry cleaning–it’s usually covered. Don’t forget to check the FAQ and customer service policies to find the best fit.

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