Wall Street Interchangeable Cufflinks Set from Elie Bleu for your special Valentine

What can you give your prince charming on the day of love? Well, here is something that you can mull over. Elie Bleu Tabletier is out with a “Wall Street” interchangeable cufflinks set that features semi-precious stone inserts all stored inside a classy red sycamore box lined in sienna red. The Paris-based artist offers to freedom to design your own accessories to compliment any attire in your wardrobe. Inside the beautiful box lie two pairs of barbel-style brass cufflinks in gold plated and anther non-tarnishing palladium finish. You also get eight pairs of glossy inserts.

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You can replace these insets, including green agate, mother of pearl, tiger’s eye, turquoise, orange citrine, white chalcedony, yellow agate, or brushed steel variants. The £1,056 (approx. $1,700) sets come with a three years defect warranty and you can also pick up additional inserts separately to enhance the collection.

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