Want to quarantine in style? You can now attend the Met Gala virtually

In an ideal ‘no-lockdown’ world, we would currently have the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art unveil its exhibition, with fashion connoisseurs assembling to see arrivals for the annual celebrity-studded Met Gala. But, while COVID-19 has put a halt to our fashion dreams, not all is lost just yet.

With the Met Gala postponed, fashion aficionados can look forward to attending the exclusive ‘High Fashion Twitter Gala’ instead! The online event allows those interested to take part in a fashion extravaganza by tweeting out looks, photosets, illustrations, and more with HF Twit’s official layout and the official hashtag: #HFMetGala. At the same time, the Costume Institute will also unveil teasers on its spring exhibition, christened rightly as “About Time: Fashion and Duration.”

An official statement for the virtual event read – “The High Fashion Twitter Met seeks to allow the fashion enthusiasts from around the world to share and express their unique and creative visions without real-world inhibitions,” …High Fashion Twitter is breaking down the ‘fourth wall’ of consumerism and creating a new accountability mechanism in the industry.” The twitter account also clarified that it has no association with the Met, official gala personnel, or the social platform.

Much like the real-life event, the virtual gala will also look at raising funds the front liners battling COVID-19. Well, quarantine just got interesting for fashion fans!

[Via: WWD]

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