Wearable TV comes out of the closet on to the vest

David Forbes is a man who already won half the accolades for his famous video coat done up with mega assortment of color LED’s. He’s now compacted and transmuted the idea into a more practical one: an LED TV vest. It is based on custom made circuit boards that run 5 gigabits of data to 14,400 red, green and blue LED’s. The content is displayed at 160×120, so basically the surveillance video technology pegs down the resolution to make it watchable on a flexible vest. The whole thing runs on lithium-polymer batteries for a span of 90 minutes.

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The wearable TV which is the brainchild of the wild imagination coming from electrical engineer residing in Arizona and we know where he’s going to be a legend: The Burning Man Festival! I’m sure there will be a lot of vouchers for this $20,000 LED TV vest.
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