Welcoming the Royal baby with must-have accessories from Gucci, Hermes and more

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy. The enthusiastic mother and other well-wishers would surely be on their toes to summon for the best-suited gift for the royal baby. On this auspicious occasion, we too would like to join in the celebrations by suggesting a few gifts for the official third successor in line for the throne. Here are a few items we intend as thoughtful gifts to the newborn.

Gucci baby carrier with zoo patch

Made of original GG fabric with garnishes of leather, this cute baby carrier is priced at $850 would be an apt gift for the baby.

Maserati Push-chair

Next, we would like to suggest a push-chair from the elegant house of Maserati. Priced at $760, the all-black stroller comes well equipped with a hood, footmuff, rain cover, and cup holder, as well as a large, easy-loading basket, to hold all necessities.

Maserati Child Seat

This child sea that Maserati has produced in partnership with Peg Pérego, a well-known Italian company for high quality and Made-in-Italy juvenile products, could also prove the perfect gift option for the toddler. Price: $430

Christian Dior Pleated Nest

We certainly think the Christian Dior Pleated Nest also qualifies as an ideal bestowal to the royal blood. Pleated in front with lace trim, zipper at the feet, and ribbon fastening at the head makes it the cutest gift ever! Price: £230 ($350).

Maclaren Nappy Bag

The BMW Maclaren Nappy bag £135 ($200), complemented with the BMW Buggy would also be a befitting gift for the infant.

Hermes Spirit Pull-along Horse

How about a rocking horse? Won’t that be an exciting present for Kate Middleton’s son? Made of beach tree and natural cowhide, the spirit pull-along horse comes fro $620.

Hermes O Galop Baby Cup

Last on the list is a handmade baby cup in sterling silver, engraved with a cute little rocking horse. The price of the cup is $720.

Our other picks for royal baby are Diamond Baby Bathtub in blue, Bugaboo’s Andy Warhol inspired strollers, Viktor & Rolf and Bugaboo’s My First Car stroller,Fendi-Inglesina baby stroller, Su Bach’s luxury Baby Cocoon, and the DoDo bassinet. Not to miss out the Aston Martin Edition of Silver Cross Surf which is considered to be the world’s most exclusive pram.

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