What is it that makes Supreme products so popular and expensive?

When it comes to streetwear a few brands have achieved the stature and recognition that Supreme demands. What started by selling hoodies has now grown into a billion-dollar empire that collaborates with the likes of Nike, Levis, Lacoste, Rimowa, Louis Vuitton and many more. But the million or rather the billion-dollar question is what did they do it? What is the secret sauce that makes everyone want a piece of the brand and what forms serpentine queues outside their stores? Sarah Taylor from Quora answers –

The reason why the price of Supreme clothing is so high seems very obvious: supply falls short of demand. Good Quality+High Demands+Lack of Stock. In central Los Angles, Fairfax street is filled with tons of boutique shops and designer brands. The whole block is made famous by one thing: streetwear; why? Cause L. A is one of the birthplaces of modern skateboarding. The skater culture is something related to streetwear. And Supreme is always the No.1 brand out here. When Supreme opened its door in 2004, Fairfax became a mecca for hype beasts.

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First, if you want to enter into Supreme, you have to make an appointment online in advance because Supreme releases its new drop list on Thursday. When you register for the drop, you do it on Tuesday morning, at 8 a.m. Then new releases always come out on Thursday, for the most part. So it turns out there’s a really complicated process for even going inside the store.

Then when it came to the Supreme garment, it always sells out quickly, and even you are hopping in the line and try to get one of your preferences, and the one you want would possibly sell out in front of your face! You can see that the high demands and lack of stock that make Supreme seem so salable. Then you can try the resale store, but the price is much higher than the retail price. For example, the Box Logo hoodie, it’s the most hype item of Supreme; it is almost like ten times, over a thousand dollars. Box Logo is a good example of one that is low retail but has a tremendous markup.

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In a word, the Supreme brand is so expensive due to various factors like high-quality material, rarity, resale and collaboration with well-known fashion brands, etc.

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