Whiskey inspired shoes will have you spinning

Designers are always looking for inspiration while coming up with their next big creation. You will be surprised to know that this is one inspiration that will have your head spinning. Its Whiskey! Unusual yes, but not impossible. Luxury alcohol manufacturer Dalmore has teamed up with famous British tailor Lutwyche to create a new line of men’s shoes. The luxurious whiskey inspired shoes are made from deer skin and carries Dalmore’s signature Stag head symbol on the soft interior. The creation of these stylish shoes involves some very innovating techniques combined with techniques from the past. The leather is so soft that it will supposedly mold to the wearer’s foot and become akin to second skin. This expensive shoes comes at an expensive price tag of $862, and for the stylish spirit enthusiast a complimentary bottle of Dalmore’s King Alexander III whiskey will be included. Cheers !

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