Why Versace’s $875 phone case is a luxury accessory you’ll hate to love

The Black Tribute Medusa iPhone X Case from the house of Versace is kind of like those phone cases you must own as a part of your phone cover collection, provided you are comfortable spending $875 on this protective accessory.

Crafted by fine artisans in Italy, this phone cover is made from calfskin, plastic and metal. It undoubtedly lends a keen fashion style to your phone.

What lends this accessory a sophisticated and unique edge is the wristlet strap at the top; perhaps an element you would not spot on other phone covers. Laced in a black tone, golden button embellishments further add a classy touch to it.

The phone case also sports cutouts for the side button and camera, in addition to Versace/Made in Italy” markings on the inside of the case design.


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