Wingtip men’s store and club in San Francisco offers a chauffeured Audi S8 service

Today, the dapper man is a rarity; today, it’s all baggy jeans, tanks, and bling. The days when gangster meant a man dressed in a sharp suit with a fedora have changed into gangsters wearing baggy jeans and backward baseball caps. This is why a company like Wingtip is so refreshing. Founded by Ami Arad, Jesse Potterveld, and Sam Neth, each bringing different experiences to the table whilst sharing a passion for the finer things in life. True to its vibe, Wingtip also added a social club for its best customers. Everyone has seen the depressed-looking men hanging around the seating area of high-end stores; Wingtip offers a shopping experience men will actually appreciate. Their new store in San Francisco’s historic Bank of Italy building covers 21,000 square feet and exudes old-school opulence. The two-story retail space has been decked out in antique furnishings and game tables to complement the historic architecture and entertain the discerning man. The retail space will offer Dunhill, Michael Toschi, Oxxford, Alfred Sargent, and more. The bank’s vaults have been repurposed to house accessories and bespoke areas that will offer rare vintage timepieces and customized shirts, suits, and hats.

The building’s penthouse is 12,000 square feet stretched over two levels and will house Wingtip’s private club. With a restaurant, bar, wine tasting room, billiards room, barbershop, business center and golf simulator, this can only be described as cloud 9 for men.

A rooftop terrace will also be opening later this year. The club will also provide the patron with a chauffeured house car that happens to be a 2013 Audi S8. Wingtip is the perfect place for the modern young man to become acquainted with his dapper old school roots.

[Wingtip Via Robb-Report]

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