With Flashback Clothing fear the Paparazzi no more

With the arrival of the Betabrand Flashback Clothing line celebrities no longer need dark sunglasses and scarves and hoodies to cover their face. They can now walk out in the open without fear of their privacy being invaded and being clicked by the Paparazzi.

betabrand-flashback-clothing-2The new Flashback Clothing produces reflective clothing that send the flash back to the photographer thereby ruining the photograph. The outfits are made out of materials that are covered in microscopic glass beads which are great at reflecting light, so when the light from the flash hits the clothing it simply gets reflected back. According to DJ Holmes he hit upon the idea of reflective clothing while he was touring with Paul McCartney and realized that with reflective clothing the photographs were ruined. This line of clothing was then designed in collaboration with Holmes and Betabrand, a San Francisco based on line clothing community that helps to bring designs to life through crowd funding.

These are available in a range of colours and some of the outfits they have designed are the Flashback Photobomber Hoodie, Flashback Illuminati Jacket, Suit Pants, Flashback Silver screen scarf and Flashback Halo Hat. The cap will cost about $ 46.50 and the suit $520. It may seem a bit steep but guess that’s the price one is paying to roam around freely.

[Via – Designboom]