World’s most expensive Sport Bra is up for $20,000

This is one sports bra you will try not to workout in. In fact, it’s more likely you will safely tuck it in the remotest corner of your dresser or maybe rent out a safety deposit box at your nearest bank. Named The Eternal Love Bra, it is brought to you by BodyRock Sport, and is accompanied by a 36” black enameled steel chain from Knight & Hammer. The bra rocks a gold zipper with an 18K gold removable tassel. As if that is not enough, the gold tassels are further finished with diamond-eyed skulls and hand-cut Swarovski crystal hearts. The zipper pull can be removed and attached to the Knight & Hammer chain.

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The racerback neckline is bejeweled with silver diamond Swarovski crystals and gold pyramid studs. This bra is designed to withstand high impact, made from black and silver threaded French silk and Gunmetal nylon lining. It will be available in limited pieces on their website and will retail for $20,011. Well it seems like a bargain compared to the world most expensive bra.

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