World’s second most expensive suit by Apsley Tailors sells for $129,000 in Hong Kong

We’ve come across the world’s most expensive suit by Alexander Amosu at $103,000. Now Arshad Mahmood and his team of tailors at Apsley Tailors, Hong Kong, have fabricated a luxury suite that has replaced Amosu’s ‘most expensive’ label with theirs. Crafted in 22-carat gold stitching, including a gold waistcoat and diamond-encrusted gold buttons, the Arshad Mahmood suite boasts a hefty price tag of Hong Kong $1 million to about US $129,000. According to South China Morning Post, this suit was already sold to an anonymous buyer on May 29.

The Apsley suit is known to be one of its kind, spun in the highest quality wool, with gold strands intertwined in the fabric. It took Arshad and his team 200 hours to make the suit.

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However, the fact is known that there already exists a suit that costs more than Apsley’s, with an opulent price tag of $943,000 – a silk and diamond suit by Stuart Hughes and Richards Jewels of Manchester, England. That makes Arshad Mahmood’s creation the world’s second most expensive.

[Via – Shanghaiist and Ibtimes]

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