World’s first 24ct gold-coated silk is touted to be the most expensive thread

Wearing gold in not really a new concept. Gold jewelry and accessories has been done for centuries. Making fabric from 24K gold, now that is something of a novelty. Swiss textiles specialists from the research institute EMPA have developed a method to infuse pure gold over silk. The resulting thread can be woven into washable 24K fabric which is very durable and has a very lustrous appearance. Ten years back the team started experimenting with silver and polyester thread. Unsatisfied with their results the team continued to experiment and during that time came up with a plasma coating machine. The experiment was a success and the textile specialists then moved on to gold. The gold yarn created from this device will not wear off or wash off . Currently they are planning to market test it with neck ties. These ties will be made from 8 gms of pure gold and will retail for $8,500.

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