World’s first dress made of 1million meters of human hair

Women love dressing up. As far as dresses are concerned, no number is too high, and there’s always room for more! You can never have enough of unique dresses like the colored sequin sprayed dress, dress made with currency, bandage dress, diamond dress, Swarovski studded LED dress, peacock outfit , just to name a few . But this one I personally would give a pass. Designed by Kim Do, this dress has put together hair from 54 Vietnam heads, including those from popular artists like Le Dung, Thanh Lam, and Hong Nhung or Ha Kieu Anh. One million meters of hair have been collated; dyed were finally sewn into the dress, the world’s first made with human hair!

The pattern on the dress resembles a dragon pattern, while a complimentary hat resembling Vietnam’s Turtle Tower design comes along with the weird dress.

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