World’s most expensive flip flop helps to save rain forest

We still have a few days of summer remaining. We might as well make the best use of them and, if necessary, whip out some cash for a pair of flip flops. How about $18,000 for the world’s most expensive flip flop? Even though the price is shocking, there is a valid explanation. Chipkos has unveiled their unique 1960s Ohso Ashram inspired flip flop. This is not ordinary footwear. It has been personally designed and hand-painted by David Palmer, a famous artist from Los Angeles. Still, is the price really justified, after all, it’s only a pair of slippers? For every pair sold, Chipkos will protect 100,000 square feet of forest land in Costa Rica. These flip flops are available in different colors and prints for both sexes online with an obvious square-shaped flop and Indian-inspired design. We think this is a perfect opportunity to indulge in guilt-free shopping for anyone having second thoughts, knowing that it’s all for charity.

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