World’s most expensive tattoo is valued at $924,000

Call me old fashioned or just plain boring, but body art especially tattoo’s is something I prefer to stay away from. But I definitely don’t look down upon those who love to get inked. In fact, I would be downright jealous of the person who can afford to flaunt the world’s most expensive tattoo. Although it is not your traditional tattoo involving ink, it is a beautiful tattoo made of 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut .5 carat diamonds. The tattoo was worn by South African model and Shimansky brand ambassador Minki van der Westhuizen and took more than 8 hours to create. Shimansky used a water based adhesive to affix the diamonds to the model (Eventually, the formula had to be dissolved off Westhuizen’s skin). Valued at 7.2 million South African rands ($924,000), this shimmering tattoo is the world’s most expensive tattoo.

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The luxury retailer is offering to recreate the tattoo for its clients through any of their eight South African or four international locations. A unique way to flaunt your love for diamonds, this beautiful tattoo promises to bedazzle one and all.

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