You could now own a pair of Harri’s Viral Inflatable trousers for upwards of $1,100

In case you haven’t heard of Harri- it is an upbeat fashion brand by menswear designer Harikrishnan, a London College of Fashion prodigy who is currently taking the world by storm! And in bringing his quirky creations to the market, the maverick is now selling his viral Inflatable Trousers on pre-order.

Offered in collaboration with the new online e-commerce platform APOC Store, the trousers are made from latex and are self-inflated. They are available in two styles – “Striped Swirl” or “Black Limo,” and are every bit perfect as they are pompous.

The bold trousers fit tightly at the waist and swell around the thigh and calf, before cinching in again at the ankle. The exaggerated effect of the garment is achieved by pumping it with air via a Carmo 7mm free-flow inflation valve that’s located at the bottom.

As per the blatant advisory of the designer himself, they are rather delicate and must be kept away from heat, daylight, metals, and oils. Additionally, one would need to use talcum powder when wearing them and avoid the urge to over inflate them. If owning this daring piece of clothing sounds like a deal, head over to order it on APOC Store’s website. The “Black Limo” pair retails for $1,160, while the “Striped Swirl” pair is available for $1,961.

[Available at: APOC STORE]