Yu from Mane for smells of $5,000

You can now get a whiff of rain even in other seasons during the year but for a heavy price of $5,000! Apparently, Yu means rain in Chinese and Mane has launched Yu one of the most expensive fragrances available. It was composed by nose Cecile Krakower of Mane who says that he has actually nose picked every ingredient for its various quality. And it is this same scent that won over The New York Times’ resident perfume critic, Chandler Burr. “It’s actually very interesting, aesthetically gorgeous,” Burr said as he spritzed the scent. He also added that “You can smell the money in it. It’s almost a fresh quality, like using a very good toothpaste.” Nah, now that’s what put me off……..comparing it to a good toothpaste.

The heart of Yu features accords like champaca and genet, both of which were collected using the jungle essence method. The same method was used to collect the scent’s top notes of African freesia and Asian mandarin tree leaf. Other top notes include bergamot, tangerine, orange flower, and ylang-ylang. Rosewood oil is included in the heart and base notes include vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla. But is it worth such big bucks? Well, the trend is that the higher the price tag, higher the demand graph goes! Only 500 bottles of the scent were produced and are currently available at Bergdorf Goodman. It will also be for sale at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong starting this summer and in select Nordstrom stores in the fall.