Zaha Hadid introduces futuristic swimwear by Viviona

An award winning architect co-designs swimwear and it most immediately becomes all about structure. Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi-British architect has partnered with Viviona, a manufacturing label to co-design swimwear collection, refining the way fashion incorporates architectural references. With swimsuits serving as a micro building, structure of the collection has reminiscences of fragmented geometric designs and fluid silhouettes to infuse edgy and futuristic elegance. Characterized by the ‘powerful, curving forms of elongated structures’, the collection is inspired from Zaha Hadid’s architectural style.

With skills and know-how that are more appropriate for designing clothes, shoes and bags among others than designing buildings, this is the first time that Viviona has teamed up with architect-cum-fashion designer. Incorporating geometric cut outs and gradients of transparencies to showcase surreal outer space references, the collection takes the concept of ordinary beachwear to a whole new level.

The swimwear collection is architect’s multidisciplinary approach to design. Recently, Zaha Hadid Architecture Firm ventured into the fashion industry with the likes of United Nude, Swarovski, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Melissa and Stuart Weitzman.

[the collection is available at Vivionaswimwear]




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