Zegna’s i-jacket safeguards i-Pod

Possessing an i-pod and bothered about its safety? Apple and Zegna team up to put your worries at ease. Fashion goes futuristic with Zegna’s i-jacket invention. This pioneering jacket allows you to keep your iPod undercover while playing, stopping, pausing or surfing tracks, all with a remote control that puts techno art on your sleeve. In collaboration with Apple, Zegna has fashioned a micro-nylon waterproof parka, or shorter bomber jacket, in which all iPods with a 30-pin docking connector (including those with video) can be stored in an inner breast pocket while the control panel is at the wrist cuff. Anna Zegna, creative director of the company, called it “a luxury sports jacket that integrates a seamless function of wearing outerwear and enjoying the highest technical abilities of music innovation.”

Zegna is just a great designer for men that want high style with none of the attitude and pretension of some of the “big boys” of fashion. Zegna clothes are practical above all else and well made for gentlemen who desire fine things without all the fuss. To see an iPod as a device is to miss the point. Sure there is competition and Apple will stay ahead as that is in its DNA. It has changed the world and the concept on which it is based will continue to do that. The music industry has already been reshaped, and now its time for couture houses to redesign.

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