Zilli launches a bejeweled collection of cufflinks, tiepins, and money clips

Classy cufflinks and tiepins are just the right accessories to achieve that smart and formal look for the evening. But somehow, no man ever has the time and energy to pick a cufflink or tiepin that matches his style and enhances his attire. That is why the people over at Zilli have come up with the most exclusive collection of cufflinks and tiepins that will match your classy attire perfectly. This is the company’s first attempt at tiepins, and it is anything but disappointing. The new collection consists of 31 new models, all crafted with precious jewels, and many have geometric shapes. Materials used include 18ct white and yellow gold, quartz, mother-of-pearl, onyx, and chalcedony, alongside precious gems such as black and white diamonds and sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

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All the collection items are handmade in the company’s workshops and packaged in a leather jewelry box with the Zilli stamp. Along with four matching tiepins, the line also boasts of two new money clips. All exquisite and precious, they will definitely appeal to every man.
With prices ranging from €1,400 ($1805) to €22,725 ($29,305), this collection is definitely a must-have.

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