Zilli’s 24-carat Gold thread sweater for £4,440 promises to be the most expensive in the world

Zilli is another brand that is trying to defy the economic crisis by offering some of the most expensive products in the world for its elite clients. Their latest product: a 24-carat Gold thread sweater is sure to create a record of sorts. This sweater is created using a combination of the best cashmere (from the Andes) and gold thread made from 24-carat gold. This sweater is sure to create a stir among the elite class with all men vying to get their hands on it to please their women. The most exquisite feature of this sweater is the Zilli Logo that is embroidered onto the sweater with a 24-carat gold thread.

Priced at £4,440 ($6,565), this sweater is available exclusively in Paris, London, and Cannes boutiques. With such expensive and precious material, this garment is sure to become the world’s most expensive sweater.