Zim & Zou design Hermes windows with leather insects and birds

Zim & Zou, the French artists have taken inspiration from the natural history museum for their store front installation for the Hermes store in Shanghai. Birds, butterflies, insects, fish and other creatures have been intricately created from paper and leather pieces that are used from their workshop in Paris.
Layers of carefully cut feathers, fins, beaks, feet in vibrant and rainbow colours make you give a second look at this store window. The butterflies, crabs, insects, in the window make the passers by feel they are walking through a museum. The basic theme being nature, the two main windows relate to air and water and the smaller ones are about earth.

zim-zou-hermes-5It took three months of dedicated and meticulous hard work to create this wonderful window display.

[Via – Designboom]

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