A solid gold toilet flush handle will drain away your savings

OK imaging this setting. You got a plush space to build your bathroom. Let’s start with some gold tiling for the walls (if you fear for your life, you can opt for bullet proof ones too). Moving on, you can get a 24-carat white gold bathtub, or ones with matching light fixtures, or with entertainment systems, or even one that supports chromotherapy and light therapy. Then comes the glimmering bath fittings, basins and showers. Finally is the loo that can also be done up in gold. While you can opt for a hi-tech flush, and a toilet seat to go with it, why leave the flush handle alone? Designed by Kiel Mead, the handle has no novel design, and is cast out of solid14-carat gold. Priced at $5,500 without the toilet, he adds, “Invest for the future, hide your gold in plain sight.” Well said my friend!
[Available at Kielmead Via BookOfJoe]

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