Allos bathtub concept by Glass Idromassaggio offers bare-luxury

While a clear glass, see-through bathtub is not what most people would describe as a conventional luxury bathroom fitting, it still qualifies to be one of the most high-end creations for a bathroom if you ask me. Breaking old conventions and going against the trend of using precious gems and stone to turn a bathtub into a luxury bathroom fitting are Italian bath brand Glass Idromassaggio. Through their Allos bathtub concept design, the brand has redefined the standards and designs for luxurious bathtubs. The Allos bathtub concept woos buyers with its clear glass enclosure that screams bare-luxury. The clear glass enclosure is complimented beautifully by the white hardware. A high-tech creation it definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. Its quick-fill feature, a soft head cushion and an integrated light only work in its advantage. Furthermore, the tub also comes with a built-in television offering users some bath-time entertainment.

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Sure to blend with your bathroom space given its barely-there appearance, this bathtub is truly a class apart. How I wish this concept turns into a reality soon. To know more about the design click here.