Antonio Lupi’s Stone Bathroom collection 2008 is a stunner!

Antonio Lupi new Stone Bathroom collection 2008 can help us imagine what a bathroom in the movie matrix would look like if they would show one. its futuristic and extremely stylish in the truest sense of the term. The USP of this collection is that it is made of heat-retaining, hard-wearing stone and I cant really think of a better material myself for a bathtub or basin. My personal favourite is the Vascabarca, a classy boat-shaped tub that i would love to own at any cost. This boat-shaped tub is actually better than owning a boat itself. And its surely not costing you that much either. another good one from this range is Arca, an egg-shaped tub.

If you are looking for something more conventional with a slight change then I would suggest you to have a look at the Cover bathtub which is more classical and rectangular tub with curved corners that will be as at home in a traditional, transitional or contemporary bathroom interior.The stone bathroom collection also offers you a variety of choices in sinks which could be free-standing or counter-supported versions according to your needs! Lets get it started!

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