Artemide Mercury Suspension Chandelier – Indirect lighting at its best

A lighting fixture is termed as beautiful when the fixture throws off the maximum amount of light without causing an eyesore. Just like the energy of sunlight which provides a direct source and yet has the ability to provide indirect light in the shade. Artemide is a luxury light fixture maker that designs and builds some of the most unique light fixtures known to man. Ross Lovegrove now famous for his alpine capsule design for a mountain top abode has another fancy design to his credit. Although it looks like a transforming T-1000 Terminator joining up to cause worldwide annihilation, the fixture does remind me of the mountain top capsule and looks like a fixture to put inside the alpine capsule.

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The Artemide Mercury Suspension Chandelier is no easy bargain to buy considering the $3000 price tag, buying this light is gonna darken the lights at your lending bank.

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