Award-winning “One” disappearing bathroom collection hides in the woods

When you build your dream house, small things are bound to get past irrespective of how well planned you are, especially if your house is huge and spacious. If you need to fit in one such essential, like a bathroom and are trying to figure out how to make it stylish in a small space, then Rapsel can come to your rescue with the One disappearing bathroom collection! Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio, this bathroom collection of sophisticated solid larch wood ensures that the Italian company walked away with the “Best Interior Design of the Year” award for 2009!

Smartly concealed under very contemporary looking wooden shelves, the bathroom set comes will a stainless steel washbasin, white ceramic toilet and stainless steel shower tray. And when you’re power bath is over, you can neatly conceal all the fittings under folding wood shelves and benches. Talk about space management!

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